-Organic foundation with plant based products, will not only improves the quaility of your skin and it became flawless but even look healthy.

  • Better luster, the skin looks fresh, which means you get a natural look.
  • We use organic ARGAN oil which is rich of omega 3,6,9 and vitamin E to prevent aging
  • We also use LO mineral powder.

Course structure:

  • We start by going through a little bit about the skin anatomy, common skin problems and why should you create your own Foundation.
  • Properties of some vegetable oils for the skin.
  • Features of some essential oils for the skin’s function.
  • What is Face Foundation for you? What are the benefits when you use organic Foundation?
  • Mixing and blending the organic FACE Foundation.

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Price: 1200 kr.

Make your own organic facial skin care products.

-The Skin Needs Nutrition & skin is the largest organ in the body-

“Beauty is health or health is beauty”

Are you using the right skin care? Or what is the right skin care for you?

Many talk about ecological? Even major entrepreneurs are now investing a huge investment in producing their organic skin care products.

What is ECO or EKO for you? Correct knowledge can lead you to the right choice of skin care products. Some essential oils have also proved that it helps prevent AGING.

Our face is constantly exposed to various environmental hazards, sunlight, cold, electronic radiation and many other pollutants. It is very important use the right skincare after makeup or even if you don`t use make-up.

Using the right skin care products that suits your skin type, will not only give you flawless skin but prevent skin aging.

We recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a little more aware of what we are lubricating our skin and nourish our skin with organic plantbased products.

Are you already a Skin Care Therapist and are curious and want to develop within the EcoBotanical World? This is the perfect course for you. This course will suit for you, who wants to get a complete understanding of what today’s skin care products cause in general and how the skin affects our health of all of these synthetic / petrochemical additives, creams that most people today use.

  • A one day course in learning on how to make your own basic organic skin care products.

We start by going through a little bit about the skin anatomy, common skin problems and why should you create your own Foundation

  • During this course you will blend or mix Facial cleansing, Herbal peeling, Facial green clay mask & Facial serum and go through some essential oils to gain a healthy and flawless sin.

Obs-If you are sensitive of strong smells like aroma oils, this course is not recommended to you.

E-mail: & or sms: 00-46-733696179 & 00-46-705800756

Price: 1600kr

Aroma meditation course

At this meditation course, we will work with meditation in combination with the various essential oils and their properties, the oils help raise our consciousness and find the peace, silence, focus and sentiment, find the right balance within our inner. Meditation in interaction with the oils enhances the whole meditation!

Note We do not recommend the course to those who are allergic to the aroma oils and strong smells.

If you are interested, please contact: & or sms: 00-46-733696179 & 00-46-705800756

Price: 800kr – 3 hours